Completion of work package 1 ‘Material Management and Sampling’

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ReSoURCE is happy to inform about the timely completion of Work Package 1 “Material Management and Sampling.”

This crucial phase has allowed us to identify spent refractory sources with the highest impact on potential CO2 emission reduction, marking a significant stride towards more sustainable industries. Securing diverse feedstocks from various customers, we’ve successfully distributed samples to our project team, fostering collaborative efforts to tackle environmental challenges. Our deep dive into the intricate processes of material management and sampling has opened up new possibilities for understanding and improving the refractory recycling value chain. Furthermore, our unique opportunity to witness break-out procedures in multiple industries has provided invaluable insights into potential enhancements.

Looking ahead, this successful completion of Work Package 1 encourages us into the next stages of our project with increased confidence and determination. We will continue to work tirelessly towards our ultimate goal: significantly reducing carbon footprints and making industries more sustainable across the European Union.



Refractory recycling research project ReSoURCE - Carmen Loew, Science Communicator

Carmen Loew


ReSoURCE's Science Communicator Carmen Löw is a certified PR consultant, fundraiser, cultural mediator, and Magistra Artium in Classical Archaeology.