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ReSoURCE Science Blog

If you would like to learn about our project in detail, you can follow our researchers in our science blog on this webpage. It contains a broad range of topics, from background knowledge of the scientific disciplines involved up to the design of our research approaches.

ReSoURCE Project Reports

Here we publish all our EU project reports which are not restricted.

Deliberable Number D11.5 (Key Stakeholder Identification) May 30, 2023

Deliverable Number D 11.1 (Website Portal and Social Media Channels) July 29, 2022

ReSoURCE Selected Literature and Press Articles

Here you find selected literature, publications and press articles.

Triple M 2023-1 – Reduktion von CO2 Emissionen (GER article in the Montanuniversity’s university newspaper)

ReSoURCE Dissemination Material

Here you find free dissemination material.

RESOURCE Flyer (print version)

RESOURCE Flyer (digital version)