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File Name: ReSource DemoPlantUnit |Caption: First draft of the sorting machine. | Copyright Credit: LSA – ReSoURCE download
File Name: PR221006_SNeuhold-RHIMagnesita.jpg | Copyright Credit: ReSoURCE – RHIMagnesita download
File Name: PR221006_RHIMagnesita | Copyright Credit: ReSoURCE – RHI Magnesita download
File Name: PR220824_SNeuhold-RHIMagnesita_1 | Copyright Credit: RHI Magnesita download
File Name: PR220824_SNeuhold-RHIMagnesita_2 | Copyright Credit: ReSoURCE – RHI Magnesita download
ReSoURCE Info graphic
File Name: ReSoURCE Info graphic. | Copyright Credit: ReSoURCE -RHI Magnesita download
File name: PR230109 ReSoURCE LSA | Caption: The project uses Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to sort out components in refractory materials. The bright spots in the picture show the energy generated by the laser to facilitate element mapping. | Copyright Credit: ReSoURCE – LSA download
File name: PR230109 ReSoURCE SINTEF | Caption: Refractory samples after preliminary sorting at SINTEF. | Copyright Credit: ReSoURCE – SINTEF download