Interim Replacement for the Project Coordinator

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We are pleased to announce that our project coordinator Saranya Azhaarudeen will be taking her maternity leave from December 15, 2023. She is expected to rejoin our team in January 2025.

During the period of her absence, Ramona Georgiana Oros will be taking over the responsibilities on her behalf temporarily. Ramona started her career at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in 2012 as a researcher and project assistant. She is well familiar with various EU-funded project schemes, especially since she worked as a project acquisition manager at the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance and operations lead at EIT Digital.

We are thrilled for Saranya and excited to work with Ramona.

Refractory recycling research project ReSoURCE - Carmen Loew, Science Communicator

Carmen Loew


ReSoURCE's Science Communicator Carmen Löw is a certified PR consultant, fundraiser, cultural mediator, and Magistra Artium in Classical Archaeology.