Meet our new Science Communicator

ReSoURCE - Refractory Recycling Research - Social Media Channels

We are happy to announce that Sofia Iriarte has joined our team as the new Science Communicator for the  ReSoURCE project. She will be leading our communication initiatives moving forward. With a solid background in advertising, public relations, and communication science, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for topics surrounding sustainability and science communication. Sofia began her career in public relations in Spain and has previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Vienna. She holds strong interest in sustainability topics.

“What I find the most interesting about this project is its commitment in implementing the green and digital transformation of the refractory recycling value chain. In my new role, I am eager to raise awareness about the major environmental benefits and also on the groundbreaking technological developments. Through coordinated communication activities, my aim is to amplify the impact of the project, educate, and provide valuable insights among our stakeholders.”