ReSoURCE attends EIT Raw Materials Summit

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ReSoURCE will be present at the upcoming EIT Raw Materials Summit and will take part in a dedicated workshop along with three other Horizon Europe-funded projects: ROTATE, Hephaestus, and RawMina. The workshop Accelerating the Adoption of Circular Strategies in the Raw Materials and Steel Industries” focuses on the groundbreaking technologies that accelerate the adoption of circular strategies in the raw materials and steel industries.

The Crowdhelix Raw Materials Summit presents the opportunity to explore these pioneering innovations and to participate in a roundtable discussion designed to discuss and uncover strategies that stimulate stakeholder engagement in circularity and industry transformation. This event promises to be a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, insights, and connections, shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for European innovation and industry.

The workshop is divided into two sessions and a roundtable discussion. The first two sessions will be moderated by Susana Xarà – ReSoURCE Project Adviser at HaDEA. The first session will be addressing “Why we need to improve the extractive, refractories and steel industries.”  The aim of this session is to provide a high-level view of the global context of the extractive, refractory and steel industries. The confirmed speakers are:

  • Peter Tom Jones, Director, KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals
  • Philipp Hartlieb — “The role of technology for shaping the European mine of the future”, Chair of Mining Engineering and Mineral Economics, Montanuniversität Leoben

The second session will provide an overview of the EU-funded Hephaestus, Rotate, RawMina and ReSoURCE projects and their technologies. The aim is to provide an insight into the projects, technologies and expected impacts. The speakers are:

  • Hephaestus project: Thomas Abo Atia, KU Leuven
  • ReSoURCE project: Simone Neuhold, RHI Magnesita
  • ROTATE project: César Luaces Frades, Director General of ANEFA
  • RawMina project: Marco Lopes, Crowdhelix

The workshop will conclude with an interactive roundtable session on “How to engage stakeholders in circular strategies and industry transformation”, which will be introduced by the presentation of the digital communities around circular industry and raw materials from the open innovation platform Crowdhelix.

The session will feature three engaging discussions to provide takeaways at the societal, environmental and innovation levels to engage the audience and create new connections for the future exploitation of the projects’ outcomes. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Circular strategies
  • Industrial transformation towards Industry 5.0
  • Industrial synergies

Accelerating the Adoption of Circular Strategies in the Raw Materials and Steel Industries workshop will be taking place on May 16 from 16:00 – 17:45 pm during the EIT Raw Materials Summit in The EGG Brussels. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Sofia Iriarte