ReSoURCE present at Mineral Recycling Forum

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We are proud to announce that ReSoURCE project will be presented at the upcoming Mineral Recycling Forum in Dubrovnik, taking place next week on April 22-24. With the industrial mineral recycling sector playing a vital role, our participation underscores our commitment to sustainable mineral usage within the circular economy.

Now more than ever, as markets and governments reassess strategic mineral sourcing, exploring recycling alternatives is crucial for a sustainable future. This conference serves as a pivotal platform for discussions on sustainable development, secondary raw materials, and the imperative role of recycling in fostering the circular economy.

The conference holds significant interest for those engaged in secondary raw materials, as well as industrial mineral suppliers and buyers eager to evaluate the prospects for competitive and alternative materials.

In the presentation with the title “Beyond green boundaries: MIRECO & RHI Magnesita – Pioneers of refractory recycling” we are going to report on progress of ReSoURCE and other innovation projects. Join us as we engage in critical conversations that drive positive change and industrial innovation.


Sofia Iriarte