ReSoURCE will be present at the upcoming EIT Raw Materials Summit and will take part in a dedicated workshop along with three other Horizon Europe-funded projects: ROTATE, Hephaestus, and RawMina. The workshop Accelerating the Adoption of Circular Strategies in the Raw Materials and Steel Industries” focuses on the groundbreaking technologies that accelerate the adoption of circular strategies in the raw materials and steel industries.

The Crowdhelix Raw Materials Summit presents the opportunity to explore these pioneering innovations and to participate in a roundtable discussion designed to discuss and uncover strategies that stimulate stakeholder engagement in circularity and industry transformation. This event promises to be a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, insights, and connections, shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for European innovation and industry.

The workshop is divided into two sessions and a roundtable discussion. The first two sessions will be moderated by Susana Xarà – ReSoURCE Project Adviser at HaDEA. The first session will be addressing “Why we need to improve the extractive, refractories and steel industries.”  The aim of this session is to provide a high-level view of the global context of the extractive, refractory and steel industries. The confirmed speakers are:

  • Peter Tom Jones, Director, KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals
  • Philipp Hartlieb — “The role of technology for shaping the European mine of the future”, Chair of Mining Engineering and Mineral Economics, Montanuniversität Leoben

The second session will provide an overview of the EU-funded Hephaestus, Rotate, RawMina and ReSoURCE projects and their technologies. The aim is to provide an insight into the projects, technologies and expected impacts. The speakers are:

  • Hephaestus project: Thomas Abo Atia, KU Leuven
  • ReSoURCE project: Simone Neuhold, RHI Magnesita
  • ROTATE project: César Luaces Frades, Director General of ANEFA
  • RawMina project: Marco Lopes, Crowdhelix

The workshop will conclude with an interactive roundtable session on “How to engage stakeholders in circular strategies and industry transformation”, which will be introduced by the presentation of the digital communities around circular industry and raw materials from the open innovation platform Crowdhelix.

The session will feature three engaging discussions to provide takeaways at the societal, environmental and innovation levels to engage the audience and create new connections for the future exploitation of the projects’ outcomes. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Circular strategies
  • Industrial transformation towards Industry 5.0
  • Industrial synergies

Accelerating the Adoption of Circular Strategies in the Raw Materials and Steel Industries workshop will be taking place on May 16 from 16:00 – 17:45 pm during the EIT Raw Materials Summit in The EGG Brussels. If you have any questions, please contact us at

We are very excited to announce that the ReSoURCE project has been nominated for the the PHÖNIX – Abfallwirtschaftspreis, which will be awarded during the Austrian Waste Management Conference 2024 (ÖSTERREICHISCHE ABFALLWIRTSCHAFTSTAGUNG 2024in Vienna next week!

The Austrian Waste Management Conference 2024 (AWT) in Vienna is being held by the Austrian Water- and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV) in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), MA 48/City of Vienna and Wien Energie GmbH. It is a varied and informative event, that gathers over 400 experts. Policymakers, industry professionals, and academics convene to network, exchange ideas, discuss innovations, challenges, and progress towards the circular economy.

On behalf of ReSoURCE and RHI Magnesita, Alexander Leitner and Simone Neuhold were invited to give a presentation.

“We are very happy to present RHI Magnesita´s innovative solutions and implementations for a sustainable future and share highlights of the ReSoURCE project!” – Simone Neuhold

Stay tuned for more!

We are proud to announce that ReSoURCE project will be presented at the upcoming Mineral Recycling Forum in Dubrovnik, taking place next week on April 22-24. With the industrial mineral recycling sector playing a vital role, our participation underscores our commitment to sustainable mineral usage within the circular economy.

Now more than ever, as markets and governments reassess strategic mineral sourcing, exploring recycling alternatives is crucial for a sustainable future. This conference serves as a pivotal platform for discussions on sustainable development, secondary raw materials, and the imperative role of recycling in fostering the circular economy.

The conference holds significant interest for those engaged in secondary raw materials, as well as industrial mineral suppliers and buyers eager to evaluate the prospects for competitive and alternative materials.

In the presentation with the title “Beyond green boundaries: MIRECO & RHI Magnesita – Pioneers of refractory recycling” we are going to report on progress of ReSoURCE and other innovation projects. Join us as we engage in critical conversations that drive positive change and industrial innovation.


Our project coordinator, Ramona Oros, will be participating in the European Research and Innovation Days taking place in Brussels on March 20th and 21st.  This presents a great opportunity to showcase the ReSoURCE project and explore potential synergies with other initiatives addressing the challenges outlined in the European Green Deal.

“I am looking forward to participating in this event. I think it is a great opportunity to embrace innovation and join our efforts in building together a more sustainable and greener future”. – Ramona Oros

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship event that brings together policymakers, researchers, stakeholders, and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe. The event not only consists of key policy debates, but also in funding and networking opportunities, as well as dedicated workshops.

Furthermore, this event offers an ideal chance to learn about successful EU-funded research and innovation projects, experience their impact on our society and engage in discussions about the importance of ongoing investment in research and innovation for reaching the 2030 Agenda for sustainable goals of the European Commission.

If you are visiting the European Research and Innovation days, do not miss the chance to book a slot for a 1:1 meeting with Ramona Oros.

We are happy to announce that Sofia Iriarte has joined our team as the new Science Communicator for the  ReSoURCE project. She will be leading our communication initiatives moving forward. With a solid background in advertising, public relations, and communication science, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for topics surrounding sustainability and science communication. Sofia began her career in public relations in Spain and has previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Vienna. She holds strong interest in sustainability topics.

“What I find the most interesting about this project is its commitment in implementing the green and digital transformation of the refractory recycling value chain. In my new role, I am eager to raise awareness about the major environmental benefits and also on the groundbreaking technological developments. Through coordinated communication activities, my aim is to amplify the impact of the project, educate, and provide valuable insights among our stakeholders.”

We are pleased to announce that our project coordinator Saranya Azhaarudeen will be taking her maternity leave from December 15, 2023. She is expected to rejoin our team in January 2025.

During the period of her absence, Ramona Georgiana Oros will be taking over the responsibilities on her behalf temporarily. Ramona started her career at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in 2012 as a researcher and project assistant. She is well familiar with various EU-funded project schemes, especially since she worked as a project acquisition manager at the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance and operations lead at EIT Digital.

We are thrilled for Saranya and excited to work with Ramona.

Today, we share a bittersweet farewell: our esteemed science communicator Carmen Loew has decided to take on new challenges and opportunities outside of our project. While we are sad to see Carmen go, we are grateful for the contributions she made during her time in our project.

Carmen has been a cornerstone of our team, has set up our communication structure and guided us safely through the challenges of science communication. Her passion for science blogs has left a mark on us and we promise to continue sharing what we do with all of you through this tool.

Please join us in expressing our heartfelt gratitude and wishing Carmen the very best in her upcoming endeavors.

We are currently conducting a survey regarding spent refractory streams in waste management systems. You can find out more about why we are doing a survey in Florian’s latest Blogpost. The results help us to get a more precise picture of spent refractories streams since literature lacks that information. Furthermore, we will create a material flow analysis, following refractories from the point where new bricks are sold, over the time they are broken out to the point where they meet their final fate (e.g., landfill, recycle, reuse).

If you are interested in participating follow this link to our survey.

From June 12 to June 14, 2023, the consortium members of the project ReSoURCE – Refractory Sorting Using Revolutionizing Classification Equipment – met in Porsgrunn, Norway. Team members from all project partners were able to follow the invite of  SINTEF  and NEO. Just like our M6 meeting in Aaachen, this meeting, too, was set up as a hybrid, for those who couldn’t join in person.

The meeting took place at the Adminiet, an an old representational residence just outside the city centre. In this beautiful and intimate location, we were able to give each other an overview of the current state of the work packages and also held a media coaching to prepare our scientists for potential interviews and collaboration with journalists.

On day two, the team from SINTEF took the consortium members for a tour of their facilities. After that, Demonstrator B had its kick-off and the consortium held a general assembly.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Aachen, Germany, in February 2024.

According to plan, we handed in our next deliverable on March 31. The deliverable contains our initial plan for dissemination, communication, and exploitation. In it, we presented our plans for communication and outreach material. Also, certain events we plan or are already scheduled to join are listed. As this deliverable too is restricted, we cannot upload it here in our Knowledge Vault, but will share some of its content in our weblog.