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ReSoURCE - Circular Industry Helix

I am happy to announce that Crowdhelix has launched the Circular Industry Helix. I joined the project only a few months ago but I know with the Helix, we will be able to accelerate the impact of the expert researchers, innovators and business leaders who are looking to develop solutions that drive sustainable production processes across multiple sectors.

The Circular Industry Helix will act as networking and collaboration hub for experts and leaders working in fields such as refractory materials, artificial Intelligence, industrial manufacturing and spectrometry. With a membership of the Helix community, we enable organisations to drive impact, exploitation and dissemination activities by facilitating collaboration between stakeholders in the circular industry space.

At the heart of the Circular Industry Helix rests the ReSoURCE project and I am looking forward to support the forming of new contacts and networks. Members of the Helix are able to interact and even contribute to the project. And of course we will keep everybody up to date about the latest developments in the field of the circular economy and the opportunities for collaboration that will arise from the project. The project stakeholders will include investors and business professionals, regulators and policy makers, along with environmental and community groups and the Circular Industry Helix will trigger their interaction at different stages of the project.

I am excited to see how the Circular Industry Helix will create a vibrant community of like minded experts who seek to promote nothing less than the transition toward a refractory recycling to help reduce waste and conserve resources.
If you are interested in join yourself and follow our project, please see here.

ReSoURCE refractory recycling research - Valeria Pulieri Crowdhelix

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Valeria Pulieri

Valeria Pulieri is an Impact Acceleration Manager with multidisciplinary experience in innovation and emerging technologies, focusing on networking and project impact.

ReSoURCE refractory recycling research - Valeria Pulieri Crowdhelix

Valeria Pulieri


Valeria Pulieri is an Impact Acceleration Manager at Crowdhelix.